Dolls & Teddy Hospital and Bespoke Mending Service

Have you got a well loved teddy, doll or other item that needs a bit of love?...

If you have a well loved teddy or doll who has seen better days and needs a wee bit of TLC to make them good again, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me and I will be able to help.

Each job will be individual to the item that needs to be repaired so prices will vary depending on the time it will take to make the repairs.  We can talk about this at the time.

From teddies back their sight with a new eye, repairing an arm that may be about to fall off, giving an extra bit of stuffing to a well hugged toy or fixing a well snuggled security blanket into a cushion for a bed instead....bring anything that you need fixing and I will work my magic.