Prices and Requirements


Memory BearsItem RequirementsPrice                                                  
Jointed bear - Regular Size

Jointed bear - Large Size

1-15 items (1 large item or up to 15 smaller items) 

1-15 items (1 large item or up to 15 smaller items)  



Snuggle bear1 large item (e.g. dressing gown)£49
Hand embroidered personalisationN/A
Memory BlanketsItem Requirements                                                                                    Price
Small (Pram size)                            10-15 items      £60
Medium (Sofa snuggle size)15-25 items                               £95
Large (Single bed size)30+ items£145
Extra-large (Double bed size)40+ items£290
Hand embroidered personalisation        N/A£1 per letter (min. charge £5)                                  


Memory Cushions    Item Requirements     Price 
Shirt cushion1 item (shirt/jumper)                                                                                                                    £25 
Patchwork memory cushion1-9 items                                                                  £39                                                              
Hand embroidered personalisation                    N/A£1 per letter (min. charge £5)                            

Other ItemsItem RequirementsPrice
Memory Christmas stockings                                             5-10 items                                                                                                                                                                              £49
Personalised apronsN/A£15
Personalised name bunting (standard fabric)(1 plain end flag on each end free)£3 per personalised flag   
Personalised name bunting from clothingN/A                                                     

£5 per personalised flag                                                              

Tooth fairy cushionN/A£20

Personalised Patches

These are available at a charge of £10 per patch - please let me know what you would like machine embroidered e.g. poem or name and date of birth etc.

Fast Service

If you require your item within a week from ordering, a 'fast service' fee of £10 will be applied per item.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available in any denomination from £10 upwards - please let me know if you would like to order one.

Special Items

For items such as wedding dresses etc there will be an additional charge of £20.

Cleaning Requirements

Please ensure all clothing is washed and clean and all pockets have been emptied prior to delivery. 

Ironing of clothing is not required.